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Back in November, we learned that Disney had pulled a breathtakingly criminal wage-theft manuever on one of science-fiction's most beloved authors, Allan Dean Foster, an elderly cancer-patient caring for his sick wife.


Big news in the Arvon universe. Our "fourth house", Arvon at Home, is staying open permanently! After a strange, bifurcated year, this means more online writing weeks, workshops, and chances for writers of EVERY level. But that's not all! Learn more here:

Who's joining me nxt Thurs 25th Feb (#IrelandReads day!) 4 afternoon tea with @Cecelia_Ahern? It's going to be fun! We'll be talking about lots of things incl freckles...(fans will know what I mean 😉 ! 2.30pm @ yr laptop! @Soc_of_Authors @HarperCollins

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