Kayla had an opportunity to speak with The Clare Echo about her debut novel, The Book of Moons. Set in Ennis, Kayla spoke to the local Irish paper about her inspiration for choosing the county’s capital city as her inspiration: 

“Fortuitously, Kayla managed to unearth some documentation on the infamous laundries and workhouses of Ireland and some articles led her to an industrial school in Ennis which became the starting point of her novel.

“Her intention to start Kathy’s journey within an industrial school came from a desire to show what happens to an individual when they are separated from their culture and torn from that link to who you are.

“The novel then follows that dictum, with young fictional Kathy’s life mirroring that of so many that embodied that existential angst within the real industrial school that once stood within the Clare capital.” 

For the full article, see page 13 in Issue 123 at The Clare Echo