Leeds resident, Kayla ‘K.M.’ Herbert, has launched her debut novel, The Book of Moons.

Set in Ireland in the 1970s, the narrative follows the story of sixteen-year-old Kathy who is on the run from a convent orphanage. She must reach Dublin to find her best friend but she’s woken up in an Irish Traveller camp, miles from anywhere. Her only chance of getting to the city is with their help, but for that, she needs to become one of them.

Kathy has until the next full moon to find a talent and prove herself worthy. She enlists the help of a gifted young fiddler named Heath. But the others have become suspicious of Kathy, made worse by the disaster that follows in her wake. Only the matriarch of the clan seems to believe in Kathy’s potential.

Time is running out for Kathy as she races across Ireland, along the way encountering fairy forts, changelings and tinkers. And while she tries their gifts of fortune telling and palmistry, nothing seems to work for her – until she discovers the Book of Moons.

What reviewers have said:

‘Hauntingly beautiful’

‘An intriguing blend of worlds, revolving around the relationships, past, present and future, that bind us’

‘Vivid and rich description allowing the reader to get immersed in the traveller lifestyle’

Kayla said: “I’m delighted to see the positive feedback so far for The Book of Moons. It was a pleasure to research and write. It means a lot to share this with my local community. I hope this story brings some comfort and entertainment to readers in these trying times.”

The Book of Moons was released on 5 June 2020 by Fisher King Publishing. It is available in paperback and digital formats through good bookstores and online including Amazon, Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and Waterstones.